The Policy Guidelines

The Trust Association is the body responsible for the charities of the Society of St John the Evangelist (often known as the "Cowley Fathers"), and administers the financial affairs of the Society.

The Trust Association makes grants to causes aligned to the aims of the Society, from funds held within its own framework, and from its income as a Charity.

While applications are welcomed from all sources, the following priorities will be applied to the allocation of grant funds, and as there is never sufficient funding for all the work to be done, applications outside the following criteria are less likely to be successful.



Applicants should be specific individuals or Registered Charities


The work should be of a clear Christian nature with preference to the Anglican Church


The relief of Poverty and Deprivation is a priority to the Society


Education of children under the age of 11


Youth Work other than directly educational


Projects may be worldwide, but with special reference to SSJE locations past and present. India, South Africa, the Americas and UK are important locations in this respect and projects located there or helping people from there are particularly encouraged


People and not buildings are preferred funding targets


Grants are not made for restoration projects

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